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By the Numbers: A Month of Daily Posting

Cheers -- the 2011 Blogathon is complete!

The 2011 WordCount Blogathon is officially over, and I have to say, I’m relieved it’s behind me yet so glad to have taken part. It isn’t easy to post every day, especially when you’re already churning out a lot of words on a daily basis. I have a copywriting client whom I work with daily, a ghost blogging gig I do weekly, a number of monthly jobs, and tons of other regular and one-off assignments. (But I can always use more! Check out my portfolio here.) All that, of course, eats into the time I’d love to spend bolstering the content and readership of this blog. This challenge was great in that it made me put this project on par with all others and got me to commit to a regular posting habit.

There were great benefits to that. Here’s a look at my month in numbers:

31: posts written
325: percentage increase in traffic
34: number of countries represented by readers
40: number of U.S. states represented by readers

Here are the most popular posts for the month:

1. Tips for Top Travel Photos
2. Bremerton’s Famed Armed Forces Day Parade
3. Mystical Waters: Iceland’s Blue Lagoon
4. Blogathon Haiku Day: Travel Poetry
5. When Travel Goes Wrong

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by during the month, with a special shout-out to all those who left comments. And major props to Michelle Rafter, a fellow freelance journalist who organizes all of this.


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